Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ayo Aniboye's new album reveals God's assurance to Nigerians

Ajiboye releases new album, tells Nigerians of God’s assurance.
As the day goes by, lovers of gospel music cannot stop to appreciate and expect more from talented musicians.
Recently, a popular gospel artiste, Ayo Ajiboye, added another feather to his cap while spreading the gospel through music by releasing a new album.
Popularly known as “Agba-oye”, he made his first mind touching and excellent debut album in 2011. Ajiboye dropped his second album titled ‘Thanksgiving’ in 2013. His latest album ‘Assurance was unveiled at Yaba Baptist Church, Lagos on December 18, 2016.
It is pertinent to note that Ajiboye’s music cannot be criticised because he has a unique gift as a singer with a difference in composition, thought and vocal.
‘Assurance’, which has six tracks comprising: Assurance, A Mope Wa (We Bring Thanks), I Know He Rescued My Soul, Etobi (God is Great) and so on, tells a powerful, positive stories of the mightiness of God.
Speaking on the title of the album, Ajiboye comments, “I noticed, because of the recession, people are panicking and don’t know what will happen in Nigeria so, this song, ‘Assurance’, is telling them to depend on God’s assurance that He will not forsake them. God assured me that nothing bad will happen.”
Ajiboye has been doing music from childhood, but went into music professionally over 15 years ago.
Speaking on the genre of his music, he said a gospel artiste has no limitation when it comes to singing. “I am more of traditional and inspirational artiste. Sometimes, I do Juju, Apala, Fuji and Rock and Roll. Most times, I receive my songs through dreams, and sometimes, from my environment.”
In the same vein, his father, Mr. Remi Ajiboye said, “I thank God for the life of my son that he is growing musically. I am a musician and I sing alto. When Ayo was a child, I used to take him along during our trips to different parts of Nigeria to perform when I was a part of a music group.”
A renowned visual artist, Mr. Idowu Sonaya, also Assistant Church Secretary who worships in the same church with Ayo, said the launching of Ayo’s latest album received tremendous support from Yaba Baptist Church, Lagos, because Ayo has been useful and selfless in serving God in the church. In the same vein, Deacon Shola Ibikunle, the church’s secretary, described him as a strong pillar in the church. “He plays many instruments and leads a formidable team in the music ministry of the church. His music can lead one to meditation and interaction with God.”
According to Deacon Abiodun Ajiboye,  Ayo’s song ministers to everyone.
Ajiboye studied Computer Science from Lagos State University. Aside music, he is also into fashion designing.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Lagos holds Miss Virginity Beauty Pageant Jan 14

The ninth edition of the annual Miss Virginity Beauty Pageant is billed to take place on January 14, 2017.
Scheduled to take place at Surulere Local Government along Alhaji Masha Road, Onilegogoro area of Surulere in Lagos, the beauty pageant is put together by The Virgins, a Non Government Organisation (NGO) with focus on keeping and celebrating virgin girls in Nigeria.
Speaking at a media briefing in Lagos yesterday to sensitive the media on their preparedness ahead of the pageant, Founder and National coordinator of The Virgins, Princess Adediran Adunni said that all arrangements have been finalized to achieve a hitch free show that will produce the 2017 Virgin Queen. Princess Adediran said that this is the nineth year of the celebration of the Virgins, explaining that it was to come up on the 16th December, 2016 but was postponed to 14fh of January because of financial crunch. She said this year’s participation is free and that parents and guardians are free to come with their children and wards to the venue on January 14th. "This year's celebration is free and parents and wards can bring their children to the venue that very day. Those who cannot come can as well give letters of consent to their children. However, the basic requirement is 3 passport sized photographs with their their names and phone numbers written at the back", Adediran said. Explaining the hurdles she passed through before putting this year’s ceremony, Adediran said "In fact I made text messages for financial assistance to 200 fellow Nigerians asking for the sum of only N2, 000 but only twenty people responded out of the 200 people I appealed to. But God assisted me further and a Chief of Staff which I will not mention his name for now sent the sum of N50, 000. A female lawyer also sent the sum of N10, 000.00. The actual amount to appreciate virgins is however, somehow countless". The founder of the Virgins however, pointed out that if they get good sponsors with joint efforts from the public, parents, government, churches and international bodies to send Miss Virginity of the year to overseas; donate cars to both the overall winner and runners and other facilitations for the Virgin Queen; mothers will no longer stand aloof for the involvement and participation of their children. With such support and awareness, Adediran said that mothers will be serious in making sure that their daughters remain virgins, at least within the very year each celebration done. Speaking further, Adediran said "it is only one day activity which starts from 9am as we don't encourage African time. For your information, we are no longer opening their laps to check their claims but we won't divulge the fact. The Ministry of Education called me and said we can do only advisory roles or lectures on the dangers of loosing virginty before marriage. So we wil just keep our plans secret before they come.The one we did in 2015 was like that. However I heard that there is a machine that is made in China that will just tell instantly, if a girl is a virgin or not. May be God will make us get it one day before long". While lamenting the low level of support they get from the public, Adediran said that the NGO deserves more support. According to her, only one Man of God in the person of His Eminence,Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie. Archbishop of the Catholic Church that gave them support out of the 50 churches that they approached for assistance. She however, added that the NGO got support from very few well-meaning Nigerians such as the Lagos State governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who gave them financial assistance in 2008 amongst others.